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The 3-word money transfer : SPEED. EASE. SAFETY .


What is Electronic Money Transfer?

Money transfer occurs when money is transferred from one place to another, from one natural person (sender) to another natural person (recipient).

When this transfer is made via a command given by a computer, it is called Electronic Money Transfer or otherwise Money Transfer.

Such services were usually provided by Bank Stores. However, the technology as well as the know-how available to international non-bank colossuses have made it possible to make remittances beyond banking networks.

The existence of such companies as MoneyGram, which is present in almost every country on the planet, ensures the efficient operation of an extensive network of shops – points of service – through which money orders are received and received.

But who needs to make an Electronic Money Transfer , not covered by the banking system?

  • They are the ones who do not have or do not want to use a bank account. 
  • Are those who want the money they send to be available to their recipient immediately, even in just a few minutes.
  • They are the ones who want to serve hours outside of this banking system, even in the afternoons and on weekends.
  • They are all those who wish from the beginning to know fully and accurately the total costs of their remittance.      

A few words about MoneyGram and TrustLink

MoneyGram International Inc. is an electronic money transfer company based in the United States of America while its stock (MGI) is trading on the NASDAC index of the New York Stock Exchange.

He started sending remittances in 1940 and is now fighting for first place in the world of electronic money transfers.

Over the last 80 years it has spread around the world reaching its presence in 200 countries, while MoneyGram remittance shops reach 350,000 worldwide and are constantly growing.

TrustLink e t is the official representative of MoneyGram for Greece. TrustLink aims to increase MoneyGram remittance services in Greece, through partnerships with the country’s best retail chains and selected smaller independent businesses to create a standard service network for both Greece and abroad.

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