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Your money DIRECTLY to your own people


Sending money with MoneyGram offers you two options:

1Instant cash receipt

With this option, the recipient will receive cash either instantly or in some cases – always at the sender ‘s discretion – the next day.

The steps that need to be taken in this case are:

  1. The sender goes at any MoneyGram signed store with his/her identification document (e.g. passport or identity card). 
  2. Indicates to the clerk the destination country, the exact name of the recipient and the amount he/she wants to send.
  3. Pays the amount to be transfered together with transfer fees (it is possible to deduct transfer fees from the transfer amount).     
  4. Receives a code number (reference number) which it notifies to the recipient.     
  5. The recipient goes to any MoneyGram store and collects cash right away (or the next day, depending on the sender’s choice). It is necessary to have an identification document with him/her, his/her reference number and to know the remittance details (who sent him/her the money and how much money he/she is waiting for).     

The sender goes to a MoneyGram store.
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The sender receives and then notifies the 8-digit reference number to the recipient to receive the amount.

Displays or delivers his identification document for scanning. Indicates the name of the recipient as well as the City / Country of destination. It supplies the amount it wants to send, plus shipping costs.
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The recipient receives collects cash from any MoneyGram service point.

2Receive in bank account

The recipient to receive the money in a Bank account .

The steps that need to be taken in this case are:

  1. The a sender goes to any MoneyGram store having with him/her an identification document (e.g. passport or identity card).     
  2. Indicates the data required for the recipient’s bank. In most cases these are the name and the BIC of the bank as well as the IBAN. However, it is a good idea to contact us in order to let you know the exact details needed for the destination country’s banking system.     
  3. Pays the amount to be transfered together with transfer fees.      
  4. The transfer amount is credited to the recipients account within 1-2 business days.      

The sender goes to a MoneyGram store.

Statement of the necessary details by the sender (eg IBAN, BIC etc.) and delivery of the amount to be transfered as well as the transfer fees.

The amount is credited to the recipient’s bank account.

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